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Who is Ky?

Who is Ky?

Hello All!

I am a young professional and I am quiet, clean, courteous, and laid back with an abundance of character and enthusiasm for reaching my goals and I want to help others reach theirs. For this reason, I built this business with my partners to cater to Transient Professionals, Mature Students, and Intermediate Professionals/ Interns. We provide contracted short-term stays in metropolitan areas. I know how hard it is to have stability while seeking opportunities in a new place.


TRA strives to meet your needs. The accommodations we provide are private and very comfortable while allowing plenty of space to spread out. Each apartment type comes with or without a desk that can be set up anytime. I prefer to keep things safe and transparent.  There are no exaggerations so what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).  All reasonable requests are negotiable. As a result, I have enjoyed conflict free temporary accommodation relationships for over 8 years.


I am a professional and would like you to trust me to honor each agreement personally and I provide documentation of the Temporary Accommodation Agreement and all our services to all clients. I have met a lot of wonderful Home Owner's, contractors, students, and young professionals in the process of providing accommodations to short term clients and I consider this one of the best opportunities for accommodations in the country and one day the world.


All Temporary Accommodations come fully loaded and equipped for you to enjoy a comfortable stay. Click on any of the About Us page to see  the Amenities or Services that are all included. If you would require any additional information, please contact a representative by using one of the options available to you on the Contact Us page or Contact TRA pop-out at the top and bottom of any page. Remember all reasonable requests seriously considered. All my best to you on your journey. Thanks for Visiting!


KY, CEO and Founder



Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!

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