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B Business Travelers

B Business Travelers

 TRA creates a "Home Away From Home Experience" for Travelers
We analyze the business traveler’s preferences, and design an accommodation package that is attractive and ideal to those needs. In most cases we already have a set up that is ready. Each package is tailored to the traveler’s desired preferences and needs.

In the travel industry, individuals and companies who are not eligible for discounts with hotels do have a need to be away for business for a lengthy amount of time which equals a lengthy and expensive hotel stay.This can severely limit business activities or exacerbate the cost of real space and time meetings, conferences, contracts, and events.

Our accommodations for short-term stays are designed so that you can save time and money to conduct face-to-face business activities. We provide comfort and affordability.

We provide comfortable, affordable, and home away from home services through TRA and our trusted business partners.

The functions and services our team provides continue to vary with the needs of new travelers and their business activities.

Our traveler friendly approach allows you to fill out a request for assistance form and our submission process insures privacy. Then a systematic email communication is used for follow-up.

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