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Human Resource TRA Client

Human Resource TRA Client

One of the more difficult tasks that Human Resource Managers face on a daily basis is the complex handling of their company’s employee relocation. Temporary Relocation Assistance  recognizes that one of the most significant aspects of the extremely difficult and complex nature of the entire relocation process. We’ve seen over the years how that process continued to become more complex and has evolved into the outsourcing of many of those functions to outside third-party relocation companies. We ensure that the temporary housing portion of the relocation process goes smoothly. Regardless of whom/what company is responsible for the different pieces of the relocation process, the biggest priority of those involved remains the same:

The easiest way to get the employee transition headed in a positive direction is by using our corporate apartments for their temporary housing. We recognize that first impressions of a new city are very important. We strive to make sure that the new employees and their families feel welcome and comfortable in their furnished apartment. Upon arrival, our guest services coordinator will touch base with your relocating employee to answer any questions that they may have regarding their temporary housing.

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