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Remodeler/Home Buyer TRA Client

Remodeler/Home Buyer TRA Client

The rapid expansion of the housing market and the explosive population growth in Washington, DC has created unique lodging needs for families that are in transition between buying and selling homes. Quite often your home sale is dependent on closing this month while your new home won’t be ready for several months. The time period spent waiting on your new home to be ready for move-in can often be quite stressful on you and your family. Temporary Relocation Assistance recognizes that the best way to reduce family stress is to minimize the disruption to your family’s daily routine by providing upscale furnished apartments for your temporary housing needs while you are “in between homes.”

By working closely with both area realtors, homebuilders, and their homebuyers, we have managed to help reduce the amount of tension during that very stressful time – the waiting period before moving into your new home. We make sure that every one of our upscale furnished apartments is set up with your family’s happiness in mind.

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