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C-Corporate Home Owners

C-Corporate Home Owners

TRA works with Home Owner's to assist the best way we can!

TRA was founded by Ky in 2007. Today, we are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that connects home owners and business travelers on a short-term basis by increasing lodging opportunities in the travel industry.


Our Corporate Home Owner's are released from a few of the trappings of landlord-ship by allowing us to do short-term property management for them while allowing them to collect their rent without hassle.

Our services cater to both the landlord and the traveler by ensuring a easy short-term commitment. We represent their needs in an ethical and civic manner and we strive to increase the standards of our clients through our business strategy.

TRA utilizes a practical and efficient problem-solving approach in our business process to provide lodging for various types of traveler’s in or near the vicinity of the location of their business activity in a metropolitan area.

Problem-solving is the method for defining the presenting problem clearly, generating and selecting high probability solutions.

Our Property Interior/Area-Based Identity Analytics (PIA-BIA) strategy was developed by Ky after extensively researching the travel lodging market  for alternatives in our troubled economy.

In doing so, we select locations for ease of commute from a property to high traffic business locations. Additionally we plan and monitor services offered at the lodging to cater to the needs of the business traveler’s comfort in the accommodation.

The plan is integral to the overall success of the our Accommodation implementation process. PIA-BIA, in short is the analysis, construction, remodel and design system used to develop new inventory.

At  TRA, the A-Team uses this strategy in the TCHO Program to ensure the satisfaction of our Corporate Home Owner's and ultimately our Business Clients.

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