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Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions


Thank you for your interest in our services. We provide additional information about our accommodations and pictures in our brochures located at the links below. You may view the brochure online for the property, or download and print to read at your convenience. NOTE: To protect the right to privacy for our current guests and quality of a normal lifestyle we do not give the address to the house but an approximation. We do not allow people to view the property without an escort by a TRA representative. However, we do give you the nearest public metro stop as a marker for the property. All properties are within walking distance of the metro. To assist you in when choosing the location, we provide a link to the DC Metro Rail Map.







Temporary Relocation Assistance is becoming Washington, DC’s leader in executive housing by providing upscale, quality furnished apartments in a timely manner. We have done the research on finding only the best communities in town while developing a relationship with these selected communities to ensure that our guests are treated with the utmost respect.


Our “home-like” lodging accommodations provide all of the benefits of an extended stay hotel at typically a fraction of the cost.  The furnished apartments feature large spacious floor plans that include a fully-equipped kitchen, dining room area with dining table/chairs, separate living room and bedroom, walk-in closets, and a large bathroom.  Another important feature of our unique lodging is the availability of 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments for our guests that allows them to maintain a functioning family life instead of having to stay in multiple hotel rooms.  Every guest is allowed access to the community's amenities that include a swimming pool, fitness center, and a business center with high-speed internet (for a complete list of our communities and their amenities, please see Properties).  It is easy to see why even a 3 night stay in our corporate apartment is more comfortable and affordable than an extended stay hotel.


We understand through our diverse client base that each guest may have unique lodging needs or requests.  Our trained sales and service staff has extensive experience working with different industry groups that stay in our corporate apartments (see  Human Resources TRA Client, Business Traveler TRA Client, Remodeler/Home Buyer TRA Client, Insurance TRA Client, and Government Travel Client for more details).  We attempt to do everything possible to ensure each guest's happiness and comfort.


We help Human Resources TRA Clients with their transition of incoming employees to Metro DC.  Our staff recognizes how important it is to your company that your relocating employees feel comfortable and safe in their temporary housing environment.


Our Business Traveler TRA Clients Program is unique in the corporate housing industry. We recognize that traveling business professionals also relish the opportunity to be able to prepare meals, wash clothes, and enjoy more spacious living quarters even if their stay is only for a short period of time.  We do require community flexibility on our shorter-term stays (less than 30 days).  Due to the proximity of our furnished apartments to downtown and the major business districts in Metro DC, your typical commute from all of our communities to your destination should be less than 15 to 20 minutes.


Another group that we work closely with are those people who are Remodeler/Home Buyer TRA Clients.  The tremendous growth in the housing market has created the universal need for temporary housing for families that are remodeling their homes and have sold their home and are waiting to move into their new home.  By working closely with area realtors and home builders, we have managed to help ease the burden and reduce stress for the anxious homeowner waiting for their house.


We would be remiss not to mention our working relationship for Government Travel with the various government agencies and their subcontractors.  Hotel accommodations pale in comparison to the benefits of a fully furnished apartment.  We are proud to work with those people serving our country by providing the best lodging solution within the CONUS Rate Guidelines in Washington, DC.


Regardless of whether you fit into any of the previously mentioned groups, we merely ask for the opportunity to take care of your lodging needs!!

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